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3.3.1 Sample Lessons Incorporating CA CCSS in Economics

A structured debate using economics content is one way to help students learn essential content knowledge, use the tools of the economist, and develop CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy skills.

Time to View

Watch the video, "Using Debate to Develop Critical Thinking and Speaking Skills," to see how a high school economics teacher uses debates to help students weigh the decision to privatize Social Security, develop literacy skills, and analyze data as an economist would. Also consider how the lesson is aligned to the CA CCSS.

Using Debate to Develop Critical Thinking and Speaking Skills External Link (Run Time 5:55)

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Select the link that follows to see how this lesson addresses CA History-Social Science Standards.

CA History-Social Science Standards, Grade 12 Principles of Economics

Time to Go

The Council for Economic Education (CEE) provides extensive resources for addressing the economics and personal finance curriculum and new materials for embedding the CCSS. Explore their resources by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to their Common Core State Standards Web page to see information and resources for incorporating the CCSS.
  2. Then explore their EconEdLink Common Core State Standards Web page, which provides online lessons that are correlated to the CCSS for multiple grades.
  3. Select one of the lessons for your grade range and examine how it supports the development of CCSS for ELA/Literacy skills by selecting the link on the right-hand side. 
Time to Reflect

Reflect on either the lesson showcased in the video or an EconEdLink lesson and its CCSS correlation, and then complete the journal question below.



Sample responses

Time to Extend

For additional information on the implications of the CCSS for teaching economics, view " The CEE Connection to the Common Core State Standards Webinar." Additionally, the California Council for Economic Education (CCEE) has numerous lesson resources that can be correlated to the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy on their EconWorks! Web site.