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2.1.1 Reading Historical Documents Multiple Times with Different Purposes

When historians read primary documents, they read at many different levels. They simultaneously pay attention to argument, purpose, context, content and credibility."

Faithfull 2013

According to Dr. Shanahan, close reading protocols should involve reading the same document multiple times, each time with a different purpose. For example, when students read historical documents several times, they can address different standards through each reading. This process helps students learn the historical content standards while at the same time developing CA CCSS literacy skills.

Time to Read

Read “Four Reads: Learning to Read Primary Documents” by high school history teacher Bayard Faithfull. Refer to the Andrew Jackson primary source example in the article and consider how each of the readings addresses the content standards and the CA CCSS Reading Standards for Literacy simultaneously. The content standards are listed for your reference at the link below.

CA History-Social Science Standards, Grade 8

Time to Reflect

Refer to the Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies to answer the following questions about the article in your metacognitive journal.