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Table of Contents

  • Charter Authorizer Toolkit Overview and Contents

Charter Authorizer Toolkit Overview and Contents

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The documents compiled in the Charter Authorizer Toolkit are intended to be used at the discretion of the LEA for periodic check-ups to gauge areas where the school you have sponsored is operating effectively, or to determine if the school may be in need of support in a specific area.  

These documents are internal review resources that you are at liberty to change to address your situation.  They are not meant to reflect a list of requirements, but rather, to lend reference support in the provision of thoughtful, conscientious oversight. 

You may want to share this Toolkit with charter operators in support of their efforts in managing successful, accountable schools. The primary goal of effective authorizing is to partner with our schools in providing quality education for our students.  

This resource of  original work and was created by the California County Offices of Education Charter Authorizers
The Toolkit was published in September 2013 by FCMAT and their version can be found as FCMAT's Charter School Annual Oversight Checklist. 

The Charter Authorizer Toolkit includes guidance for both Charter School Authorizers and Charter School Operators in the areas of:

–  Charter Authorizers Toolkit Cover 

–  General Requirements 

2 –  Fiscal and Business Operations

3 –  Educational Performance

4 –  Facilities

4a – Facilities Checklist

5 –  Governance

6 –  Personnel

7 –  Student Services