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1.3.2 Close Reading in Elementary School

A key instructional change contained in the CCSS  is a focus on close reading, an instructional approach that guides students to go deeply into text to seek out information, acquire key concepts, and employ strategies, automatically and invisibly, as independent readers.

Time to Read

Take a few minutes to read " Close Reading in Elementary School," a study of how elementary school teachers adapted close reading protocol for their students, by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. Focus your attention on the "Key Features of Close Reading" (pp. 181-182) and "Modifying Close Reading for Elementary Schools" (pp. 182-187) to better understand how to lead your students through a close reading.



Time to Reflect

From the reading, identify at least two close reading practices that are new to you that you could integrate into history/social studies content in your classroom and list those in your Metacognitive Journal.