Table of Contents

1.6 Language Standards K-5

Time to Read

Read through the Language Standards K–5 that can be found on pages 31–39 and are divided into the following three sub-strands:

  • Conventions of Standard English (Standards 1−2)
    The first two standards discuss the use of conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics in formal writing and speaking as well as using language effectively and recognizing language varieties.
  • Knowledge of Language (Standard 3)
    Standard 3 expects students to understand how to use words, sentences, and punctuation effectively.
  • Vocabulary (Standards 4−6)
    For Standards 4–6, students will be able to determine word meanings and word nuances as well as acquire general academic and domain-specific words and phrases. The increased emphasis on academic vocabulary is emphasized in the Common Core Shift for ELA/Literacy #3.

Reading, writing, and speaking in all of the content areas will greatly support the development of students’ language and vocabulary skills. Developing academic and domain-specific vocabulary is especially important for ELs and students with disabilities.

Time to Reflect

After examining the standards, reflect upon the following question: