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1.4 Writing Standards K–5

The writing standards place an increased emphasis on argument and informative/explanatory writing and writing from sources across content areas. Refer again to Common Core Shift for ELA/Literacy #2 and notice its emphasis on writing based on evidence from sources.

The first three Writing Standards each correspond to a different writing type that students are expected to use. The first two are most relevant for history/social studies instruction. 

Standard 1–Writing Opinions/Arguments

Standard 2–Writing Informative/Explanatory Texts

Standard 3–Writing Narratives

Time to Read

In the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy, refer to the CCR Anchor Standards for Writing (p. 20) and the Writing Standards K–5 (pp. 21–25). Read Standards 4-7 to see how they are articulated at the different grades.

Time to Reflect

After examining the Writing Standards complete the following journal question.



Sample responses

Time to Extend

For more information on the CA CCSS Writing Standards see the CCSS for ELA: Writing to Inform, Argue, and Analyze Professional Learning Module.