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1.3.4 Reading History/Social Studies in Elementary School

Time to Read

Read the "Use the Standards to Teach Skills in Elementary School!" article by grade 5 teacher Karen Parks on what the CCSS mean for history/social studies instruction at the elementary level. Pay attention to the ways in which the teacher has begun integrating CCSS skills in her history/social studies curriculum.

Time to View

Watch the first 7:51 minutes of the "Organize Your Thinking to Critically Analyze Text" video to see how the teacher, Jennifer Brouhard, uses the reading strategy of "Keep it or Junk it" to help her grade 5 students identify central ideas in a history/social studies text.

Organize Your Thinking to Critically Analyze TextExternal Link

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Time to Reflect

Consider the ways the teacher in the article and the teacher in the video integrate the CCSS into their history/social studies content in your Metacognitive Journal.