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3.10 Conducting Research Using 21st Century Tools

Time to Read

Take a few minutes to read about Information, Media and Technology Skills emphasized by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21). Consider how those skills can be integrated into your classroom lessons.

The P21 Information, Media, and Technology Skills are complemented by similar emphases in the CCSS. For example, the CCSS emphasize both print and online research, which are most clearly articulated under the “Research to Build and Present Knowledge” Writing Standards 7–9. Additionally, Writing Standard 6 also addresses students’ use of technology.

Select to reveal the relevant Grade 5 CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy:

Time to View

Watch the two videos that follow to see how Mrs. Valbuena guides her students to conduct online research and interviews to understand the rights and responsibilities of different levels of government. Notice how these activities address both CCSS and P21 Information, Media, and Technology Skills.

In the first video, observe how she has set up an online research activity through her class Web site where students follow pre-selected Web links to complete the “What Government Can and Cannot Do” worksheet. While watching, consider the advanced preparation that the teacher conducted in order to facilitate the students’ research.

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In the second video, the students interview the school librarian to learn about staff rights and responsibilities. Note how the use of a recording device adds an additional technology element to their lesson and will enable students to replay the interviews as they review the research at a later time.

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Time to Reflect

Consider both the P21 Information, Media, and Technology Skills and the CCSS skills and knowledge shown in the video to answer the following journal questions: