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3.5 Re-Reading and Paraphrasing the Text

Paraphrasing text helps students demonstrate comprehension by taking the concepts and restating them. It allows students to monitor and increase their comprehension and integrate the information into their prior knowledge (Kletzien, 2009). Allowing students time to discuss and paraphrase the text with each other verbally helps foster confidence and reinforces the understandings gained when the teacher modeled the think-aloud. It also promotes oral language development of English learners. The goal is to teach students to reread text to acquire knowledge, develop fluency, and reinforce their use of text evidence whenever possible. Additionally, checking the students’ paraphrased texts could serve as a formative assessment that indicates the degree to which the students understood their reading.

Time to View

Watch this video and notice how the teacher uses paraphrasing and discussion to support students' comprehension of complex text. Also consider how the instruction addresses both Reading and Speaking and Listening Standards. You may also download the First Amendment Worksheet that she used.


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Time to Reflect

Consider the classroom video in your response to the following journal questions: