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4.2.4 Peer Review

Allowing students opportunities to share their writing with one another and provide constructive feedback can be a powerful formative assessment tool to improve student writing, especially when the review is carefully designed to guide students’ feedback.  Ms. Valbuena had students work in pairs to discuss their writing and provided students with sentence starters to frame their comments. The “Writer’s Questions” in particular, were intentionally designed to give students feedback regarding clarity, organization, and use of language to convey an idea.

Time to View

Watch the video to see how students can help one another assess and improve writing skills. Observation of this approach can also inform the teacher of students’ writing proficiency and speaking and listening skills.

Time to Reflect

Using sentence starters is a very effective way to guide students’ peer review of writing. Consider your own experience and the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy, Writing (pp. 17–20) to help you respond to the following journal question