Table of Contents

Metacognitive Journal

This module contains several reflection activities to aid you in processing what you learned in each section:

Metacognition is thinking about thinking, which includes reflecting on one's personal thought processes — what one knows, what one doesn’t know, and how one knows. This process allows the learner to connect new knowledge to prior knowledge, formulate ideas, and clarify thinking. Journaling is one way to facilitate metacognition.

Throughout this module you will be asked to predict, reflect, and synthesize your ideas. The Metacognitive Journal is available in each of the units and provides a place to record and collect your thoughts. Each reflection is numbered, and you can return to your entries at any time.

A summary of your journal responses, quiz results, and a certificate of completion are available for download upon completion of the module. A User Account is required to enable this feature, and you must log in each time you work.