Table of Contents

What is Assessment Literacy?

As you apply what you learn in this module, you will develop your own personal definition, based on your particular context and background. In general, Norman Webb’s (2002) definition of assessment literacy provides a good starting point:

Assessment Literacy is defined as the knowledge about how to assess what students know and can do, interpret the results of these assessments, and apply these results to improve student learning and program effectiveness.”

The concepts and processes covered in this module are applicable to any statewide assessment system and support effective classroom-level assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning cycle. The identification and effective use of a variety of formative assessment practices and tools for classrooms and the appropriate use of those tools to inform instructional decisions are addressed. This module emphasizes classroom- and school-level applications of the attributes of assessment-literate educators.

Time to Extend

To learn more about assessment literacy, review Norman Webb’s Assessment Literacy in a Standards-Based Urban Education Setting.