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Students Assessing the Quality of Other’s Work

In Unit 5, you learned that students are excellent learning resources for each other and that peer assessment complements self-assessment. In the video, high school students in a math class used a rubric to rate other students’ presentations. Consider how questions and answers about the logistics of peer assessment in the video compare to how peer assessment works in your situation.

Time to View

View students as they present their small group work and listen carefully to what they say as they rate each other using rubrics. What happens to their knowledge of assessment language and understanding of the assignment over time?

Important: Read the instructions under the video before selecting the image.

That Would Never Work Here, Either! External Link (Run time: 16:00)

Source: Annenberg Learner 2013

Select the icon to open the video window. After the short introduction, select and drag the time marker towards the end of the video, to 1:08.00. This relevant segment from the Annenberg Learning Web page titled, “Workshop 7: That Would Never Work Here, Either! Seeing Assessment Reform in Action, Part II” ends about ten minutes later.