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Students’ Role in the Formative Assessment Process

For an assessment process to truly be formative, assessment experts commonly stress that learners must be active participants in the process, using information from the assessment experience to determine next steps on their learning path.

Time to Read

Read the following quotes about the students' role in formative assessment practices. Consider the implications for your classroom practice and the ways assessment-literate educators might engage students as described by the authors.

Teacher’s Role in Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment That Improves Learning

In the publication, Leading the Way to Making Classroom Assessment Work, the authors identify positive research outcomes when students are involved in assessing their own learning. These include:

  • All students show gains, and lowest achieving students show the largest gains overall.
  • Mistakes become feedback that students can use to adjust their learning activities and strategies.
  • They make active choices about their learning, which has been demonstrated to increase achievement.
  • They have to think about their own learning and talk about their understanding, which adds to their learning.
  • Their self-assessments help teachers to design instruction to better meet the needs of learners.

—Davies, Herbst, & Reynolds 2008