Table of Contents

Unit 7: Analyze & Act: Appropriate & Effective Use of Assessment Data

Welcome to Unit 7 of the Assessment Literacy Professional Learning Module. The purpose of this unit is to help educators analyze and interpret assessment data, to modify and differentiate instruction, and to help them provide effective feedback and involvement opportunities to students.

Unit 1: Introduction and Overview

Unit 2: California State Assessment System

Unit 3: Assessment Literacy for Educators

Unit 4: Instructional Learning Targets

Unit 5: A Balanced Assessment System

Unit 6: Developing and Implementing Sound, Quality Assessments

Unit 7: Appropriate and Effective Use of Assessment Data


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of a quality
  • Explain approaches for analyzing data in
    making instructional decisions.
  • State the characteristics of effective feedback.
  • Discuss the benefits of involving students in using
    assessment results.