Table of Contents

Unit 4: Developing Standards-based Instructional Learning Targets

Welcome to Unit 4 of the Assessment Literacy Professional Learning Module. The purpose of this unit is to provide information on the critical importance of the development and communication of instructional learning targets, based on the CA CCSS, to guide planning for teaching and appropriate, accurate assessment.

Unit 1: Introduction and Overview

Unit 2: California State Assessment System

Unit 3: Assessment Literacy for Educators

Unit 4: Instructional Learning Targets

Unit 5: A Balanced Assessment System

Unit 6: Developing and Implementing Sound, Quality Assessments

Unit 7: Appropriate and Effective Use of Assessment Data


Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the rationale for the development and communication
    of clear CA CCSS-based instructional learning
  • Explain a process for deconstructing content
    standards across curricular areas.
  • Explain the rationale for and development
    of specific instructional learning targets.
  • Distinguish between instructional learning
    targets and Smarter Balanced assessment targets.
  • Explain and apply a process for classifying types of
    instructional learning targets across curricular areas.