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Mr. Bumble’s Science Exam: African Elephant Unit

Time to Try

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"This exam consists of four parts. Each part contains different types of items (for example: true/false, multiple-choice, and essay). Each of the exam’s four parts covers one of the major units you have studied. Work your way through the test efficiently because there is a time limit. Don’t write on the test. Good luck!"



T    F   "Several research studies show that adult elephants always become domineering toward younger elephants because of their inherited characteristics."



Multiple Choice:
"The commonly recognized example of a pachyderm is an

  1. elephant
  2. turtle
  3. lion
  4. pigeon



Essay Prompt:
"Discuss elephants in Africa."




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To develop high quality assessments, assessment-literate educators review all items and directions from the perspective of students. Answering essay questions mentally can help to uncover problems.

For more information on developing assessments, including matching learning objectives with test items and writing test questions aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy, see “Is This a Trick Question? A Short Guide to Writing Effective Test Questions” by Ben Clay and Esperanza Root (2001).