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Summary of Unit 2

  • California is transitioning into a new assessment system, CAASPP, which is designed to address 21st Century Learning Skills and the skills and knowledge students need to be college and career ready through the CA CCSS and CCR Anchor Standards.
  • As a member of Smarter Balanced, California is participating in the development of CA CCSS-based summative and interim assessments for students in grades 3–8 and 11.  Computer adaptive assessments will use a variety of assessment methods, including selected response, constructed response, and performance tasks.
  • Smarter Balanced will also develop a Digital Library of Formative Assessment Tools and Practices for classroom use that will be fully aligned to the summative and interim assessments.
  • English learners and students with disabilities will have access to Smarter Balanced assessments through a variety of universal-design principles integrated into the system.
  • English learners’ access to the CA CCSS will be maximized through alignment of the new ELPAC to the new California ELD standards.
  • Students with significant cognitive disabilities will participate in a CA CCSS -aligned assessment system.
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