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Peer Assessment

Peer assessment can also play a critical role in the effectiveness of formative assessment practices.

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As you watch this video clip, think about some potential benefits of peer assessment.

Self and Peer Assessment (Run time: 2:30)

Source: The Journey to Excellence 2012
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As you read this quote from the article on formative assessment, “Working Inside the Black Box,” think about your own students and the opportunities you might provide for peer assessment.

In practice, peer assessment turns out to be an important complement to self-assessment. Peer assessment is uniquely valuable because students may accept criticisms of their work from one another that they would not take seriously if the remarks were offered by a teacher. Peer work is also valuable because the interchange will be in a language that students themselves naturally use and because students learn by taking the roles of teachers and examiners of others."

Black & Wiliam 2004