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New State Assessment System, Continued

The STAR Program’s reauthorization legislation emphasized that the primary purpose of assessment is to promote quality instruction and learning that align with the CA CCSS, CCR Anchor Standards, and 21st Century Skills.

It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this chapter to provide a system of assessments of pupils that has the primary purposes of assisting teachers, administrators, and pupils and their parents; improving teaching and learning; and promoting high-quality teaching and learning using a variety of assessment approaches and item types.”

“Exclusive of those assessments established by a multistate consortium, produce performance standards to be adopted by the state board designed to lead to specific grade level benchmarks of academic achievement for each subject area tested within each grade level based on the knowledge, skills, and processes that pupils will need in order to succeed in the information-based, global economy of the 21st century.”

—California Education Code 60602.5.

Select the link to read the full text of the legislation: AB 484

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"What's wrong with this picture?" As you watch, consider what 21st Century Skills this job applicant is missing that are important to the potential employer.

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