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Checking for Understanding on a Daily Basis

The next four videos show how assessment-literate educators can check for understanding on a daily basis where students respond verbally or in writing.

Time to View

As you watch, think about the following:

  • How does the teacher ensure that checking for understanding is a low-stress formative assessment?
  • How can the data gathered from the assessment be used to adjust instruction?
  • How are students benefiting from the strategy? What feedback are they getting?
  • How would you use the strategy?

Note: These videos provide examples of quality assessment techniques and materials.

Select the screen shot on each image to begin.


1.  Stoplight
Watch an ELA teacher use exit slips to assess learning and how students self-assess their learning.

The Stoplight Method: An End-of-Lesson Assessment External Link (Run time :54)

Source: Teaching Channel 2013
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2. Exit Cards
How does this strategy help teachers assess learning and plan future math lessons?

Assess and Plan with Exit Tickets External Link (Run time 2:17)

Teaching Channel 2013
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3. Tiered Exit Cards
Watch the video to see how a secondary math teacher uses differentiated exit cards to group students for the next day.

Daily Assessment with Tiered Exit Cards External Link (Run time 4:35)

Source: Teaching Channel 2013
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4. Text What You Learned
A Secondary English teacher uses texting to check for understanding.

Text What You Learned: Using Technology to Assess  external= (Run time: 1:44)

Source: Teaching Channel 2013
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