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Unit 3 Assessment Literacy for Educators

Assessment Literacy

For an in-depth exploration of classroom level assessment, consult:

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning—Doing It Right—Using It Well by Jan Chappuis, Rick Stiggins, Steve Chappuis and Judith Arter, Pearson, 2011

Transformative Assessment by W. James Popham, ASCD, 2008

Test Better, Teach Better by W. James Popham, ASCD, 2003

Classroom Assessment, What Teachers Need to Know by W. James Popham, Pearson, 2011

“Assessment Literacy in a Standards-Based Urban Education Setting” by Norman L.Webb:

California Standards for the Teaching Profession:

“Attributes of Effective Formative Assessment” (learn more about the National Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers [FAST]):

“Standards and Performance Measures for Teacher Candidates and Practicing Teachers” by Stuart R. Kahl, Peter Hofman, and Sara Bryant (learn more about attributes of assessment literate teachers):