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Item Analysis

Table 1 shows how to organize and display data for the first two approaches. Columns 1 and 2 show that data is organized by Domain and Content Standard. The data shown is from the items that test CA CCSS Mathematics Standard 3 of the Measurement and Data domain.

Table 1: Item Analysis:
Multiple-Choice Percentage Correct & Percentage Choosing Each Option

Approach 1: Looking at the percentage of items answered correctly for selected-response items. Table 1, focus on Columns 1–7.

The data in Columns 1–7 can answer these questions:

  • Which standards had the highest percentage of correct answers? The lowest percentage?
  • Which items had the lowest percentage of correct answers?
  • How did my class compare with the whole grade? How did my period compare with the whole department? With the whole district (for common assessments)?

Looking at the data, we see that 85 percent of the students answered #6 correctly and that this item had the highest percentage of correct answers of the three items. This was about the same as the entire grade level and the district.


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