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Target-Assessment Method Match

The following table summarizes which assessment methods are generally best matched to the basic types of instructional learning targets. Note that for most types of learning targets, there are multiple assessment methods that can yield accurate, reliable information on student learning.

A + indicates a strong match between method and target; a check mark indicates an acceptable match; and a indicates a weak match.

Target-Assessment Method Match


The graphic below provides an example of matching the types of identified instructional learning targets to accurate, efficient assessment methods or item types for the Grade 4 reading standard:

3.  Instructional Learning Targets

  1. Students will be able to
    determine the main idea of a text.
  2. Students will be able to
    explain verbally and in writing how details in the text support the main idea.
  3. Students will be able to
    summarize the text verbally and in writing.

4.  Type of Instructional Learning Targets and Assessment Methods

  1. Knowledge—selected response; short constructed response
  2. Knowledge—selected response; short constructed response
  3. Reasoning and product (written summary)—constructed response (short or  extended depending on the complexity of the text)

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