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Computer Adaptive Technology

Moving away from fixed-form testing, Smarter Balanced assessments will capitalize on the precision and efficiency of computer adaptive testing (CAT) for both the mandatory summative assessment and the optional interim assessments (SBAC 2012).

As you read the excerpt below, note key pieces of information on how the Smarter Balanced assessments will differ from the STAR Program assessments.

Smarter Balanced assessments make use of computer adaptive technology, which is more precise and efficient than fixed-form testing. Teachers, principals, and parents can receive results from computerized assessments in weeks, not months. Faster results mean that teachers can use the information from optional interim assessments throughout the school year to differentiate instruction and better meet the unique needs of their students.”

Review the definition of computer adaptive testing.


 Review the definition of fixed-form testing.



For additional information, visit the Smarter Balanced Computer Adaptive Testing Web page.