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Steps for Goal Setting

In her book, Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning (2009), Chappuis provides the following steps to lead students to use formative assessment results to set goals:

Step 1. Score the assessment and return it to students with a form that scaffolds the review of their results. The form has a column for students to write the learning target for each item and whether they got the answer right or wrong. For each wrong answer, they decide whether the error was a simple mistake or they don’t get it. The form can be a simple table with these column headings:

Problem #

Learning Target



Simple Mistake

Don’t Understand








Step 2. Students review their results and complete the form. This gives them the evidence for determining their strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3. Students then transfer the learning targets to a goal setting form. They sort the targets into three categories–strengths, priorities for studying, and need for review.

Step 4. Students make a plan to improve on a goal setting form.

Download a copy of the Steps for Goal Setting.

Time to Extend

Follow the links below to sample goal setting forms or conduct your own Internet search.