Table of Contents

Module Summary

 Assessment-literate educators understand that assessments can serve a variety of important users and fulfill purposes in both supporting and verifying learning. They know that quality assessments arise from crystal-clear achievement targets…”  Assessment literate educators know how to “…(1) gather accurate information about student achievement, and (2 ) use the assessment process and its results to effectively improve achievement.”

—Chappuis, Stiggins, Chappuis & Arter 2012


The overarching goal of this professional learning module has been to provide educators with an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to effectively and appropriately use the assessment process as an integrated part of the instructional cycle. The module has prepared you to:

  • Plan for and implement a balanced assessment system that includes multiple levels and types of assessment to support high quality instruction and student learning at the classroom level
  • Gather and use accurate assessment data from multiple sources to increase students’ learning of the CA CCSS and their development of 21st Century Skills

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If you are confident that you have met all of the learning objectives above, please take a few minutes to take the module’s post-assessment, complete the module evaluation, and print out a Certificate of Completion.