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Smarter Balanced Preliminary Blueprints

Preliminary blueprints for the Smarter Balanced summative assessment were released in November 2012.  These blueprints provide detailed information on the CA CCSS content to be assessed and the item types to be used for assessment.

For those responsible at the instructional level, the test blueprint provides a guide to the relative importance of competing content demands and suggests how the content is intended to be demonstrated…”

“The blueprints provide information on the Smarter Balanced assessment claims, assessment targets, item types, and depth of knowledge.”

—Smarter Balanced General Item Specifications April 2012

Review the definition of assessment claims.

Review the definition of assessment targets.


Assessment Targets

Smarter Balanced assessment targets comprise an essential component of a quality assurance approach to item development referred to as evidence-centered design (ECD). Central to this approach is the idea of collecting evidence from a student’s response to an item or task that supports a claim about the extent to which a student has developed the knowledge, skill, and ability that is contained in a content standard (SBAC 2013).

Clear and rigorous prioritized assessment targets translate the grade-level Common Core standards into content frameworks along a learning continuum.”

—Measured Progress/ETS Collaborative 2012

"These summative assessment targets (evidence) at each grade level represent the prioritized content for summative assessment...

—Smarter Balanced General Item Specifications April 2012

Additional information about the ECD approach is available on the SBAC Item Writing and Review Web page.