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Effective, Appropriate Use of Assessments and Assessment Data

The effective, appropriate use of assessments and assessment data is another characteristic of high-quality, balanced assessment systems, as indicated in Phases 2 through 4 “Teach,” “Assess,” “Analyze and Act” of the Teaching Assessment Cycle:

Teaching-Assessment Cycle: Phases 2–4

Assessment data from any level of assessment is of no value if it is not used to adjust systems or classroom practices to enhance student learning.

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In the following video clip, "My Favorite No," see how an eighth grade math teacher uses a daily warm-up activity to gather assessment data that she immediately uses to guide her classroom instruction. As you watch the clip, think about how you might apply this strategy in your classroom.


My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes External Link (Run time 5:46)

Source: Teaching Channel 2011
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