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2.4 Reading and Writing for Technical Subject Literacy

Time to Read

As noted previously, the CCSS focus on reading and writing a variety of texts as the foundation for technical subject literacy in grades 6–12. Take a few minutes to review the CCR Anchor Standards for Reading and Writing:

CCR Anchor Standards for Reading

CCR Anchor Standards for Writing


The Concept of Text: Going Beyond Written Text in Technical Subjects

Consider carefully the Note on Range and Content from the CCR Anchor Standards you just reviewed. In technical subject content areas, the types of texts that students learn from often go beyond the written word. For example, in the arts, the range of texts a student would need to read and write to be literate in the discipline often includes a combination of traditional English language text with discipline-specific language symbol systems, charts, graphs, etc., and — as in the arts — visual or aural texts in both virtual and physical contexts.

For purposes of illustration, select the links below for examples of language symbol systems found in the arts disciplines of dance, music, and theatre.

Time to Reflect

Consider the technical subject(s) that you teach as you respond to the questions below in your metacognitive journal:



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