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1.1.1 Nurturing Innovation, Imagination, and Creativity

Harvard University professor Dr. Tony Wagner is a leading expert on the topic of how adults can nurture young people’s creativity by sparking their imaginations, allowing them to learn from failures, and encouraging perseverance. He offers a philosophy that goes beyond the broad concept of preparing students to compete in a global economy, which ties in well with technical subject instruction and learning.

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Watch a short video for an overview of how Dr. Wagner addresses innovation and creativity in his book, “Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World”:

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Through his work, Dr. Wagner also offers an analysis for what high school students of the “Net Generation” — those who have grown up surrounded by technology — value and how they are motivated. Select the link below to view how today’s technology-driven students are different from those only a generation ago:

What Motivates The “Net” Generation?

With these motivators in mind, Dr. Wagner proposes ways that schools can move toward reinventing their way of teaching by nurturing these unique attributes of students through mastering the competencies of “Just in Time Learning:”

Mastering the Competencies of “Just in Time Learning”

The global achievement gap is the gap between what even our best schools are teaching and testing, versus the skills a student will need for career, college and citizenship in the 21st century."

Wagner, 2009

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For further information, view the entire presentation by Dr. Wagner titled, "The Global Achievement Gap."