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4.1.2 The CCR Anchor Standards and the Grade-Level CCSS

As noted in section 4.0 of this unit, the ELA Standards for Writing in H/SS, Science, and Technical Subjects are aligned to the CCR Anchor Standards. They differ in specificity as you will see in the chart below. Print a copy of the chart and review the progression of the standards across the grade levels on it and then also look at the CCR Anchor Standards in the last column to see what the expectation is to be college and career ready.

Comparing Writing Standards Charts

Note on Writing Standard 3: Please note that Writing Standard 3 which includes expectations for narrative writing is not applicable in the Writing Standards for Literacy in H/SS, Science, and Technical Subjects 6–12. Although students should be able to incorporate narrative elements effectively into arguments/informative writing, it will not be addressed in this unit.

Although this unit focuses on writing, it is also important to remember classroom instruction should combine multiple and varied types of literacy-building activities and assessments within the content areas. Students engage in the content through the direct “doing” of the technical subject as well as meaningful and purposeful reading and writing of technical text.