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3.2.3 Action Plan for Standard 1

Throughout Units 3 and 4 you will have an opportunity to complete an action plan for lesson planning and implementing the CA CCSS for Reading and Writing.

Time to Try

Download the action plan template and the Sample Action Plan to help guide your work in addressing Reading Standard 1.

Action Plan Template for Reading Standard 1

Sample Action Plan for Reading


Directions for Completing the Action Plan for Reading

  • Review the content standards for one or more of your courses and read the corresponding CCSS grade band for Reading Standard 1. To improve students’ reading skills within your content area course, choose a content standard, or group of standards, in which you can develop students’ abilities to cite evidence to support conclusions as described in CCSS Reading Standard 1. Identify what you want the students to learn and the standards you will be addressing and list them on the Action Plan.
  • Next, view the document, “What is Formative Assessment?” as a guide to complete the next step, Assessment Tools. Determine a formative assessment that will provide insight and feedback to both the students and the teacher on the students’ progress in meeting both the content expectations and the literacy expectations of the two standards. Note the formative assessment idea in the Action Plan Template.
  • Then choose learning activities that will help students attain the identified standards. The activities could be from a lesson you have your students do now that could be expanded to address evidence, or they could be for a new lesson.