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2.5 Unit Summary: Review

  • In K–5, the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy call for an integrated model of literacy.  Students develop key English Language Arts competencies while also developing technical content, skills, literacies, and knowledge.  
  • Multiple subject K–5 teachers and specialist arts teachers have shared responsibilities to provide instruction through discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary learning. 
  • The technical subjects — including the VAPA disciplines of dance, music, theatre and visual arts — provide students opportunities to learn deeply within disciplines, provide literacy development opportunities, and engage students in building skills needed for success in college and career for the 21st century.
  • Integrated models of literacy development require well-prepared teachers to engage in thoughtful, focused approaches to both curriculum and assessment designs.

For additional information on finding evidence, drawing inferences, supporting conclusions, summarizing, determining central ideas, and analyzing text structures, refer to the English Language Arts: Information Text — Reading professional learning module on the Brokers of Expertise Web site.