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2.2.1 Emphasizing Communication and Collaboration in K–5

Time to Read

Take a few minutes to review the CCR Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening (page 26 of the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy). Read closely the note on range and content of student speaking and listening, and notice the focus on collaborative communication.

Notice the two categories of speaking and listening standards in K–5, Comprehension and Collaboration and Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas. Recall from your reading in the previous section that the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy (pages 27–30) provide three detailed, grade-specific standards within each category.


Time to Reflect

Take a few minutes to reflect upon the following questions in your metacognitive journal:



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Time to Extend

For additional information about the VAPA Content Standards and Framework, visit the Visual & Performing Arts page of the CDE Web site.