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4.7.1 Instructional Strategies for Standards 7, 8, and 9, Teacher Examples

Time to View

Below are three different of videos that explore researching and gathering evidence for writing within the classroom. Take time to view the videos now. What are some ways you can incorporate these strategies into your instruction?

This video, Designing an iPad Case, shows how real world projects with lessons guide students through the research process to solve a design problem. The student learns to evaluate sources, cite sources correctly, and work both individually and in small groups.

Real-World Problem Solving: Designing an iPad Case External Link

The transcript is embedded in the video

This video, Using Art to Express Social Issues, is an example of how research is utilized in the investigatory project assigned in an art classroom that leads to creation of an artwork. (View segment 3:22-5:42)

Walls & Barriers: Using Art to Express Social Issues External Link

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This video, Record the World in Video Production Classes, shares insight into a video production class that uses real world projects to engage students in research, production, and distribution of writing through a video platform, while building 21st Century skills.

Record the World in Video Production Classes External Link

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Time to Reflect

You can choose to reflect on each of these questions or just one of the questions related to the videos viewed and record in your metacognitive journal.

  • How is research conducted in your technical subject in the real world?
  • How are the research findings presented in the real world?

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