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4.6.1 Instructional Strategies for Writing Standards 4, 5, and 6, Teacher Examples

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Below are three different videos that explore writing within the technical subject classroom. As you watch each video, think about the CCSS writing standards and the content standards that are addressed.

See how one teacher is using technology in the video, Google Docs in the Classroom, which describes the web-based tool to support group and/or collaborative writing.

Google Docs in the Classroom External Link

The transcript is embedded in the video

Discover technologies and activities in this video, Creating and Sharing Music, in which the teacher uses technology to enhance the students’ writing, learning, and sharing of music and observe how he relates it to real world applications.

One World: Creating and Sharing MusicExternal Link

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This video, Designing a Video Game, unveils the process of making or “writing” a video game and demonstrates students using research, writing the various pieces (concept art and story line), being responsive to the targeted audience, and receiving feedback to improve the product.

Real-World Lesson: Designing a Video GameExternal Link

The transcript is embedded in the video

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