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2.3 Building Foundational Knowledge

The CCSS call for K–5 multiple subject teachers to expand opportunities within and across grade levels to include more reading and writing of informational text. Teaching literacy through the technical subjects is an ideal way to accomplish this. The connections between literacy standards and technical subject standards call for curricular and instructional planning that promote deep, sequential learning of subject matter content while simultaneously building literacy skills.


Time to Read

Take a few minutes to read about this emphasis on content-specific literacy development:

Staying on Topic Within a Grade and Across Grades: How to Build Knowledge Systematically in English Language Arts K–5

This type of reading and writing encompasses all technical subjects, including the focus topic of this unit — VAPA (dance, music, theatre, and visual arts). For example, VAPA instruction includes not only developing skills in the arts disciplines, but also using artistic processes and knowledge to support building English language arts literacy skills. The four discipline-specific content areas within VAPA are each technical subjects with their own unique standards — sequential, comprehensive bodies of knowledge and processes.