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Module Summary

Time to Read

The "Content Literacy in the Technical Subjects" professional learning module was designed to introduce educators to the intent and instructional implications of the CCSS content literacy standards for technical subjects. These standards include the CCR Anchor Standards for Reading for Literacy in the Technical Subjects and the CCR Anchor Standards for Writing for Literacy in the Technical Subjects.

This module has provided you with information, sample lesson plans, opportunities to plan for next steps, and resources covering the following areas:

  • The intent and organization of CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy
  • Exploration of how these standards support deeper student literacy development within the technical subjects
  • The implications for educators in the technical subjects to develop literacy using the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy
  • Support for  the learning of  all students

Select the following links to revisit the learning objectives for each unit:

Unit 1: College and Career Readiness in the Technical Subjects
Unit 2: Content Literacy in the Technical Subjects: K–5
Unit 3: Building Content Literacy in the Technical Subjects: 6–12 Reading
Unit 4: Building Content Literacy in the Technical Subjects: 6–12 Writing

As you progressed through the module — especially as you began thinking about your own content area and how you will support the development of literacy — you may have named topics you want to explore in greater depth. For example, in your culminating reflections from Units 1 and 2, and in your Action Plan Template notes in Units 3 and 4, you may have jotted down questions or issues for further study.

Extended Learning Opportunities and Support

To augment your learning from this professional learning module, there are several professional books and online resources which you will find in the “Resources” section of this module. These resources are applicable to further study on your own, with a study group, your department, or your professional learning community.

Please take a moment to take the module’s post-assessment to review your new learnings.