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4.8.1 Lesson Ideas in Technical Subjects, Standard 10

There are many ways to design learning opportunities for students that take place throughout the year to engage students in a variety of writing types, lengths, and purposes.  In the technical subject classroom this writing will take many forms, be produced and shared in multiple ways, and support the discipline-specific learning taking place. 

Explore emerging pedagogical models and technologies such as flipped or blended learning to facilitate time for students to write. Many of the approaches have the added benefit of modeling real life applications of writing within the technical subjects’ career or college environments.

Below you will find some California technical subject teachers’ instructional ideas about how they will address Standard 10. View examples that most closely match your content area or grade span. You may wish to explore some or all of the tasks to spark your own ideas for designing classroom instruction linking your content standard with the CCSS.

CCR Writing Standard 10 and Technical Subject Lesson Ideas