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4.4.1 Lesson Ideas in Standard 1 for Technical Subjects

There are many ways to design instruction to support writing skills and provide multiple opportunities for students to develop these writing competencies within the technical subjects.

  • Be able to write using the written word and also with the discipline-specific language, notation, or symbol systems.
  • Be able to combine both the written word with the discipline-specific systems to both make a claim and provide text-based evidence to support the claim or to inform or explain a technical concept or idea.

Below you will find some California technical subject teachers’ instructional ideas about linking their content standards and CCSS Writing Standards. View examples that most closely match your content area or grade span. You may wish to explore some or all of the tasks to spark your own ideas for designing classroom instruction linking your content standard with the CCSS.

CCR, Writing Standard 1 & Technical Subjects Lesson Ideas: