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1.1 What Makes a “College and Career Ready” Student?

Just what does it mean to be “College and Career Ready?” The CCSS address the evolving understanding of this concept as it relates not only to 21st Century instruction and learning, but also to the changing demands of the global workforce. Today’s educators know that the expectations of students when they graduate high school are very different from what they have been in the past.

In the space below, take a few minutes to reflect on your own preparation for college and career:


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To be well-prepared for post-secondary education and careers in the 21st Century, students need new and expanded skill sets. The Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) provides a list of several college and career prerequisites that today’s students should master. To view them, select the link below:

Prerequisite Skills and Capabilities for College and Career Readiness

Many schools are modifying their approach to teaching and learning to achieve overarching college and career readiness goals as they transition to the CCSS through competency-based learning. This approach may be particularly applicable to instruction in the technical subjects. Select the link below to review some of the specific suppositions about this approach:

Competency-Based Learning

Time to Extend

For an example of a model of a competency-based learning high school system, review the report by the Alliance for Excellent Education, Strengthening High School Teaching and Learning in New Hampshire's Competency-Based System.

While a high school diploma was once sufficient to secure a stable job with benefits, almost two-thirds of new jobs in the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy now require some postsecondary education and/or training."

Alliance for Excellent Education, 2013