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2.3.1 Integrated Model of Literacy

An integrated model of literacy is one of the key design considerations of the CCSS. Just as the communication processes of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are closely connected, so is the development of literacy in multiple forms. When carefully planned and executed, literacy development that spans subject matter and is shared by both multiple-subject teachers and specialist teachers results in deeper learning.

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In the following video, watch how an elementary teacher designed her instruction to engage her students in multiple forms of literacy building.

As you watch, note how the teacher blends the reading and writing of poetry with the technical language of the arts, as well as how she provides multiple opportunities for students to reflect upon their learning and present their work.

Musical Interpretation of PoetryExternal Link

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As emphasized in this section, simultaneously blending the learning of technical subject content and literacy skills in K–5 provides the foundation for more advanced learning in 6–12, while also building key college and career readiness skills and knowledge.