Table of Contents

Unit 3: Learning From Students’ Work and Teachers’ Lessons

Teaching Students to Assess to Revise

Grades 5–8 Example: Feedback through Writing Conferences

In this example, an 8th-grade teacher noticed — from reviewing early drafts of argument writing —  that several students were ready to learn to strengthen the concluding paragraphs of their arguments. She sets up a writing conference to give them feedback about their own writing, while increasing their genre knowledge about argument writing.

Time to View

Watch the classroom video to see how the teacher helps her students learn to assess the strength of various conclusions and apply that new knowledge to their own revisions.

As you watch:

  • Note how the teacher uses the activities of the writing conference to develop a criteria chart for the students to reference as they revise. Anchoring the criteria chart are argument standard 1e — Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from and support the argument presented — and three specific strategies for writing such a conclusion.
  • Note also how informal and personalized, yet effective, criteria charts can be for teaching students to assess and revise.

Assessing Endings to Persuasive Essays in Order to Clarify Expectations and Inform Essay Revisions (5-8) from TC Reading and Writing Project on Vimeo.