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Unit 3: Learning From Students’ Work and Teachers’ Lessons

3.1 Learning from Student Work

Time to Read

Appendix C was developed by the CCSS Initiative to provide guidance on how to look at student writing alongside the standards, and it includes samples of writing at each grade level organized by narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion/argument writing. Each of the writing samples is annotated using the language of the Common Core Writing Text Type and Purpose grade level standards. These writing samples are intended to serve as illustrations of adequate performance for the identified grade level.

The introduction to Appendix C includes this note:

“The range of accomplishment within each grade reflects differences in individual development as well as in the conditions under which the student writers were expected to work. Some of the samples were written in class or as homework; others were written for on-demand assessments; still others were the result of sustained research projects” (CCSS Initiative, 2012).

The writing samples do not only exemplify grade-level expectations; they offer a source of learning for teachers as they begin to develop lessons and instructional strategies that address the Common Core writing standards.