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Unit 2: Planning Lessons for Informational and Argument Writing

Extension Activity (Optional)

Time to Extend

If you would like to listen in on the teachers as they planned their lessons, you are invited to link to any or all of the three videos that follow. As you watch, it will be helpful to have a copy of the Lesson Planning Templates that you have reviewed, as well as the grade-level standards those lessons address.

In the first video, all eight teachers will share an overview of their lesson and the ways they are planning to adapt the Upstanders, Not Bystanders writing prompt for their students.

Collaborative Lesson Planning Video K–12

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In the next two videos, the teachers discuss instructional plans, strategize possibilities for texts and resources, and problem-solve about teaching questions they have about their lessons. Choose the video that correlates to the grade span you teach, either Grades K–5 or Grades 6–12.

Collaborative Lesson Planning: K–6

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Collaborative Lesson Planning: 7–12