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Unit 2: Planning Lessons for Informational and Argument Writing

2.2 Selecting and Using Texts Purposefully

Time to Read

Let's move from planning to some specifics of CCSS-informed writing instruction. We will begin with the following recommendation in the Lesson Planning Framework:

“Choose print and digital texts for students to read and research: essays, podcasts, videos, articles, reports, infographics, speeches, etc. ”

In the Lesson Planning Templates, you saw that the teachers listed the texts they plan to use with their students and identified the purposes of those selections. Look back at the Lesson Planning Template in the section titled, "Text-Based Resources Needed," that mapped these same three purposes for using texts to the following Common Core writing standards:

  • Using texts to increase content knowledge: This use supports the Research to Build and Present Knowledge Standards.
  • Using texts to increase genre knowledge: This use supports Production and Distribution of Writing standard 4, in particular the development and organization of the genre appropriate to task, audience, and purpose.
  • Using texts to increase language knowledge: This is an important component of teaching students to write for correctness, with a style appropriate to task, purpose and audience, and with precise and domain-specific language.