Table of Contents

Unit 2: Planning Lessons for Informational and Argument Writing

2.1.1 A Framework for Planning Writing Lessons

To begin, download the Framework for Planning Writing Lessons to use as a guide in planning and adapting writing lessons that address the CCSS writing standards.

How does this framework address and support the Common Core Writing Standards?

Time to Try

Download and review the Lesson Planning Template. Note how the template captures the framework's planning steps in the various boxes and categories. Also note which Common Core  standards are addressed by each planning step and template category (as found in the parenthetical notations).

Let’s use the Lesson Planning Template to interact with a process for planning a CCSS-informed writing lesson. Now, select the image below to download and print the blank Lesson Planning Template.

You can also download an interactive version of the template if you wish to complete the form electronically. Use the template to take notes and perhaps to plan a lesson for your students as you complete the activities on the following pages.

Note: This planning tool is not meant to replace anything you use or one that your school requires. The purpose of the Lesson Planning Template is to highlight how the CCSS should inform the plans you will make for teaching writing.