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Unit 2: Planning Lessons for Informational and Argument Writing

2.1.3 Sample Lessons

Your thinking process for adapting the selected writing topic for your own students is the same process used by a group of eight California teachers of grades Kindergarten through high school — for the benefit of their students and for this module. They agreed to share their lesson planning process and lesson plans with you in this section of the unit. Let’s see how their thinking about an “upstanders” writing situation compares to what you may be thinking about teaching. You may focus on those at or near the grade level you teach, or focus on any that interest you.

Note: These sample lesson plans are not provided as exemplars; rather they are meant to be starting off places as you begin to create your own CCSS-aligned lesson plans.

Time to Read

Moving from the Writing Topic to Planning the Teaching

To see what these teachers planned for teaching the writing genre or sequence of writing genres, link to the name of the teacher(s) whose Lesson Planning Template you would like to see (beginning on the next page). View those lesson plans at or near your grade level, or those that intrigue you because of the teaching approach or writing genre, or that support the diverse students you teach. Refer to California's K–5 CCSS Writing Standards or the 6–12 CCSS Writing Standards to review the standards addressed in the lessons.

As you review the lesson plans, consider how the teachers are addressing the remaining framework planning steps, as well as how they are addressing the CCSS.

Also consider if there are parts of the lesson you can use or adapt for your students and note anything you need to change or extend.