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Unit 1: Understanding and Teaching the Common Core Writing Standards

1.2.2 Doing the Work of Writing

Time to Read

Still another approach to reading the anchor standards is provided by Lucy Calkins, Founding Director of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. In her publication, Pathways to the Common Core, Calkins suggests that writing Standards 4 through 10 "illuminate how students should go about doing the work of the first three standards" (Calkins, 2012).

Again, the message is that students across grade levels will learn to do the work of writing; the standards describe the writing they need to produce as well as the processes and skills they need to learn and apply to do this work effectively.

Important Takeaway: The ten anchor standards in writing do not just complement each other. They need to be addressed instructionally as interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent. Lessons developed for both short and extended time frames will cluster and address most of the writing standards simultaneously.

Time to Reflect

Now that you have closely examined the wording of the CCR Anchor Standards for Writing, reflect upon the following questions:



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